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Ranger Ron's Dino Club

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Tonnes of Dinosaur fun for kids with Ranger Ron!

Do you have a Dino Mad 2-8 year old?

Does your child know their T-Rex from their Teradactyl? Their Suchomimus from their Spinosaurus? Their sauropod from their theropods?

Then Ranger Ron needs them as part of his next Dino Ranger Training Elite……they can join Ranger Ron’s Dino Club for 6 weeks of ROAR-some Dino adventures, activity and fun!

If you are struggling for structured, interactive and safe activities to do at home that will satisfy your youngsters thirst for dinosaur action then look no further…Ranger Ron can provide that during his 6 week Dino Ranger Club!

There will be LIVE roar-some fun and adventure, learning, hunting, hiding, making, creating, playing and solving Dino games, puzzles, treasure hunts and quizzes!

Your young ranger will meet Ranger Ron, and be able to show off their Dino knowledge and learn lots more besides! They can play, puzzle and adventure together with Ranger Ron.

REGISTER your Dino Ranger Now….


Ranger Ron’s Dino Club is 6 weeks of Dinosaur activity and adventure experiences for your Dino loving child!

There will be 6 different LIVE broadcast events that your Dino Rangers can join with Ranger Ron (2 x weekly time and date options available)

If they cannot make all the live sessions, they can watch on replay or as downloads.

These 6 broadcasts include 3 different treasure hunt experience events which include also going on time tunnel adventures to identify and observe amazing dinosaur footage.

The other 3 broadcasts will be interactive Dino activity sessions, where Ranger Ron delivers fun games and activities, including putting bone puzzles together, playing word puzzle games, physical games like Dino egg and spoon and hooping their favourite dinosaur toys! All will be action packed and ROAR-some!

As well as the live events (which are also available as replay and downloads), resources will be delivered as downloadable, printable PDFs.

A lot of the printed resources will also be delivered as files that can be drawn / traced so a printer is not essential.

The 6 x Live Broadcasts will be delivered through private Facebook LIVES and unlisted Youtube. During the live broadcasts, the adults type into the chat box which means Ranger Ron can give shout outs to your young Dino ranger and comment on their knowledge and progress with all the fun.

By the end of the 6 weeks, Ranger Ron will have followed your young ranger’s progress and they will have had so much ROAR-some fun together!

If that’s not enough adventure, Ranger Ron has more amazing Dinosaur resources that he will also throw in, including –

🦖 His Dinosaur Quiz video product – 12 Dino fact videos to play along with and learn new Dino facts.

🦖 Private Facebook community where you can share the Dino fun with other Dino Ranger families!

🦖 Ranger Ron and his team will be on hand in the group to offer adhoc fun and bonuses along the way.

🦖 Additional Dino activities, PDF’s, fun sheets, play ideas and even a Dino toy challenge for your young rangers to play along with!

🦖 Certificate which you can print and present to your young ranger at the end of the 6 weeks when Ranger Ron awards them honorary Dino Ranger status at the final graduation event.


6 weeks of Dino fun starting on 7th October – 15th November

There will be 2 versions of each event, weekly. Sunday 10.30am and Wednesday 5.30pm

Your Dino Ranger can join either or both!

They will alternate between Dino activity session live, followed by  treasure hunt experience event with time tunnel adventures. With 3 of each types of session (different content for each, so 6 different sessions in total)

If your ranger joins the Wednesday broadcast and loves it they can also join the Sunday event!

Further they can access them on demand and do them again and again!

They graduate as Dino Ranger’s just in time for Christmas madness!



“Tadhg had a wonderful time again. He really loves Dino hunting with Ranger Ron! Such an excellent idea for kids. Thank you again!” 

"I think you all do an amazing job, Ranger Ron has incredible knowledge and energy! And everyone who works behind the scenes are brilliant helpful and very quick! I’ve recommended Wonder Adventures to lots of my friends. Thank you for all your hard work"

"Jake really enjoyed it and the guy doing it was so good he liked him! Very enjoyable!"


Just £24.99

 Includes  -

🦖  12 x live broadcast events to join

🦖  Ranger Ron’s Dinosaur Quiz video resource product (download and do anytime)

🦖  Weekly Dinosaur themed games, resources, play sheets and PDF’s

🦖  Interaction with Ranger Ron

 🦖  Certificate of graduation

 Maximum Dino Fun for your Adventurer – for only £4 per week

Sign up is per household, not per child, so if you have more than one Dino lover they can join the fun, with only one registration required.

(must all live in the same household)

Join Ranger Ron's Dino Club...... 

👍 No need to spend hours searching Youtube for Dinosaur content that they haven’t already seen!

👍 No need to watch ‘walking with Dinosaurs’ or Jurassic Park’ for the 100th time

👍 No need to spend hours scouring the internet for Dinosaur themed activities to keep them busy and entertained at home.

👍 No need to pretend to be a T-Rex with them when there’s Ranger Ron (well actually you can still do this if you choose!!)



As a special offer if you sign up in August you will get £5 OFF using the promo code RangerRon PLUS you will get entered into our special draw to WIN a private treasure hunt and Dino ranger session for you and up to 20 friends who can all join from their homes with you! You can do it with your friends from school or nursery, for a birthday celebration or with friends and family around the world! It will be a private and exclusive event just for you and your friends from their homes. It will have different dinosaur adventures and treasure hunt clues to the ones in the club and will be bespoke to your child! The value of this prize is £150!! And one lucky club member who signs up in August will win it!  Just by signing up your young rangers in August you will be automatically entered! So what are you waiting for?........